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Gilbert Lonzarich was educated at the University of California, Berkeley (BA 1967), the University of Minnesota (MS 1970) and the University of British Columbia (PhD 1973). After NRC and SERC (now EPSRC) Postdoctoral Fellowships, he was appointed to an academic post in the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge (Demonstrator 1978, Lecturer 1981, Reader 1990 and Professor 1997).

In 1988, Professor Lonzarich received the Europhysics (Hewlett-Packard) Prize for Experimental Physics (shared with H. Ott, ETH Zurich and F. Steglich, Darmstadt). He also received the Max Born Prize and Medal in 1991 and the Guthrie Medal in 2007 (granted by the Institute of Physics) for his contributions to theoretical and experimental condensed-matter physics, in particular for his work on strongly correlated electron systems.

He became a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge in 1978. Professor Lonzarich was elected a Fellow to the Royal Society in 1989. At a Special Election he was elected a Fellow of the Physical Society of London in 1991.


Metallic magnetism, superconductivity, quantum critical phenomena and novel states of correlated electron systems.

Emeritus Professor
Fellow of Trinity College