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Quantum Matter group

Read more at: Dr. Jinhu Yang

Dr. Jinhu Yang

Visited the Grosche group 2022/2023.

I am a visiting scholar from Hangzhou Normal University. My research focuses on physical properties of magnetic materials under high pressure.

Read more at: Nicola Kelly

Nicola Kelly

PhD student (2018-2022) with Dr Siân Dutton, working on magnetism in solid-state lanthanide compounds. 

Read more at: Mr. Joshua Tuffnell

Mr. Joshua Tuffnell


Read more at: Mr. Radoslaw Kaleba

Mr. Radoslaw Kaleba


Read more at: Mr. Puthipong Worasaran

Mr. Puthipong Worasaran

PhD student in the Grosche group until 2022, now at Goldman Sachs (London)


Read more at: Mr. Srinivas Mandyam

Mr. Srinivas Mandyam

Srinivas completed MPhil research in the Grosche group in 2021/22 and has started PhD research at Harvard.


Read more at: Dr. Thomas Gruner

Dr. Thomas Gruner

Feodor-Lynen fellow and senior postdoc in the Grosche group until 2022, now at Schlumberger Research Laboratories.


Dr Gruner's research focuses on a multidisciplinary direction at the intersection between solid state physics, material science & solid state chemistry. His aim is to discover & study novel materials that can be used either for solid state refrigeration or to explore emergent correlated electronic states at ultra-low temperatures.