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Quantum Matter group

Read more at: EPSRC grant for research on unconventional superconductors

EPSRC grant for research on unconventional superconductors

3 November 2022

Significant EPSRC grant funding has been awarded just at the right time to support our projects on superconducting and anomalous normal states in correlated electron systems YFe2Ge2 , LuFe2Ge2, CeSb2 , CeNi2Ge2 and in quasiperiodic materials such as high pressure Bi, Sb, and Ba. Superconductivity in YFe2Ge2, LuFe2Ge2 and...

Read more at: QM students win Physics at Work award for superconductivity presentation
Student Physics at Work prize certificate

QM students win Physics at Work award for superconductivity presentation

9 October 2022

For the first time in years, the school outreach activity Physics at Work was run properly in-person again this year, smoothly organised by Jacob Butler and his team 20-22 September. presentation22-sm.jpg QM contributed with a presentation on superconductivity which the visiting students found so engaging that they awarded...

Read more at: Nicola Kelly and Alex Davies PhD

Nicola Kelly and Alex Davies PhD

13 May 2022

Well done to Sian’s student Nicola Kelly for passing her PhD viva in March 2022. Nicola’s thesis was on low-dimensional and frustrated magnetism in a range of different lanthanide ceramics. She has now moved to Oxford Chemistry as a postdoc in Simon Clarke’s group, where she is investigating transition-metal magnetism in...

Read more at: Alex Eaton JRF

Alex Eaton JRF

20 January 2022

Warmest congratulations to Alex Eaton, who has won a Junior Research Fellowship at Sidney Sussex College - well done! A member of Suchitra's group, Alex carried out high precision quantum oscillation measurements at high magnetic fields in FeSb2, which showed that this unusual narrow-gap semiconductor features a large...

Read more at: Puthipong Worasaran PhD viva

Puthipong Worasaran PhD viva

27 November 2021

Congratulations are in order to Puthipong, who passed his (online) PhD viva on 23 November. Complementing his theoretical inclinations with concert pianist concentration and dexterity, Puthipong has become - next to Patricia - our resident high pressure virtuoso. His dissertation presents studies of the quasiperiodic high...

Read more at: QM comings and goings 2020/21

QM comings and goings 2020/21

8 November 2021

After it had to be cancelled last year due to lockdown restrictions, our annual start-of-year Curry Night could fortunately be resumed this year. Summing up the 2020 and 2021 seasons, we are happy to welcome our new PhD students Gilles Rodway-Gant, Nicholas Popiel, Ken Heng Teoh, Zheyu Wu, and Jessica Chapman in the...

Read more at: Dr. John Adkins 1934-2020

Dr. John Adkins 1934-2020

2 August 2020

QM members will be saddened to learn that Dr. John Adkins, long-time group member and highly respected colleague, passed away on 17 July. John was an outstanding experimentalist who was a member of the Low Temperature Physics Group from the beginning of his PhD programme in 1956. His contributions included studies of...

Read more at: Tuning into Novel Quantum Rhythms

Tuning into Novel Quantum Rhythms

11 June 2020

Can order be caused by quantum zero point fluctuations? A new Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences paper by Montu's group (Matt Coak, Seb Haines, Cheng Liu) with Stephen Rowley and Gil Lonzarich presents the most comprehensive experimental and theoretical study of order-by-disorder in a solid crystal system to...

Read more at: Isaac Sutherland *20/5/20

Isaac Sutherland *20/5/20

24 May 2020

Warmest congratulations from all QM to Mike Sutherland and partner Monica for the birth of son Isaac a few days ago. This beats everything else we can possibly come up with in a news section! All the very best to the three of you. The first 25 years are the hardest. (24/5/20)

Read more at: Keiron Murphy PhD

Keiron Murphy PhD

20 May 2020

Congratualations to Mike's student Keiron who finished his postgraduate research on quantum oscillations in square-net materials and in the new Fe-based superconductor YFe 2 Ge 2 in the autumn of 2019, just in time to start a postdoctoral position with Radu Coldea's group in Oxford, wrote up his PhD thesis in record time...