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Quantum Matter group

Read more at: Dr. Jinhu Yang

Dr. Jinhu Yang

I am a visiting scholar from Hangzhou Normal University. My research focuses on physical properties of magnetic materials under high pressure

Read more at: Mr. Zheyu Wu

Mr. Zheyu Wu


Read more at: Dr. Alex Eaton

Dr. Alex Eaton

Alex is a Junior Research Fellow at Sidney Sussex College. His research focusses on using high magnetic fields to explore emergent features of strongly correlated quantum matter.


Read more at: Mr. Alex Hickey

Mr. Alex Hickey

PhD student working on high temperature superconductors with a particular interest in data processing techniques.


Read more at: Mr. Stephen Hodgson

Mr. Stephen Hodgson


Read more at: Mr. Puthipong Worasaran

Mr. Puthipong Worasaran


Read more at: Mr. Theo Weinberger

Mr. Theo Weinberger


Read more at: Mr. Srinivas Mandyam

Mr. Srinivas Mandyam

Srinivas completed MPhil research in QM in 2021/22 and has started PhD research at Harvard.


Read more at: Mr. Maximilian Daschner

Mr. Maximilian Daschner


Read more at: Mr. Christian de Podesta

Mr. Christian de Podesta