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Quantum Matter group

The Quantum Matter Group studies matter under extreme conditions, i.e., at very low temperatures, high magnetic fields and high pressure using advanced experimental techniques. The goal of this research is to understand new forms of magnetism and superconductivity and to find electrically conducting materials with new physical properties not described within the standard models of solid state physics.

Latest news

QM in the news

16 May 2024

Last summer's research trip to the Synergetic Extreme Condition User Facility (SECUF), Beijing, by QM members Zheyu Wu, Theo Weinberger & Alex Eaton has been featured in a recent Nature news article. The trio were the first international user group to be awarded measurement time on a new world-unique all-...

Metallic magnetocalorics findings published

26 April 2024

Thomas Gruner and colleagues in the QM group and at the MPI-CPfS in Dresden showed that YbNi2Sn retains high spin entropy down to very low temperatures, much less than 1K, despite being a good metal. On the face of it, this is unexpected, because electrons in metals form a degenerate Fermi gas, and so their entropy...

APS March Meeting 2024

18 March 2024

A number of QM group members recently travelled to the American Physical Society March Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, along with over 11,000 other attendees. Talks by QM members spanned a range of topics from the electronic structure of Dirac nodal-line semimetals through to the high magnetic field phase landscape of...

Upcoming talks

There are no upcoming talks currently scheduled in this series.