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Quantum Matter group

Read more at: Dr. Cheng Liu

Dr. Cheng Liu


Read more at: Miss Chumei Ye

Miss Chumei Ye


Read more at: Miss Camilla Tacconis

Miss Camilla Tacconis

Researching Cathode Materials for Next Generation Batteries with particular focus on Magnesium borate polyanion materials. 


Read more at: Mr. Juejun Xue

Mr. Juejun Xue


Read more at: Mr. Liam Nagle-Cocco

Mr. Liam Nagle-Cocco


Read more at: Dr. Venkat Daramalla

Dr. Venkat Daramalla

Venkat is a Faraday Institution Research Fellow working as part of the UK Faraday FutureCat project. He has completed the prestigious Swiss Government Excellence Postdoctoral Scholarship (2018-2019) at Paul Scherrer Institute-ETH Zurich. His interdisciplinary research specialized in the area of functional energy materials and fabricating experimental model devices for sustainable energy technologies.


Read more at: Professor Siân E Dutton

Professor Siân E Dutton