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Postal Address

Dr. Siddharth Saxena
Cavendish Laboratory
J J Thomson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0HE

Phone & Fax

Phone: +44 1223 37379


sss21 (at)

Dr. Montu Saxena

Montu Saxena

Research Interests

Dr S.S. Saxena is a Principal Research Associate in the Cavendish Laboratory, and Fellow at Jesus College at the University of Cambridge. He was awarded the 2006 IUPAP Young Scientist Medal in the field of magnetism. He has been a EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow, Sarah Woodhead Fellow at Girton College, Cambridge, a Post-doctoral Fellow at University College, London and a Spinoza Fellow at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, after completing a PhD at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1997. He is also the Chairperson of the Cambridge Central Asia Forum and Honorary Secretary of the Committee for Central and Inner Asia. He and his co-workers discovered superconductivity in the itinerant electron ferromagnet UGe2, the first example of its kind. This discovery was soon followed by related discoveries in other systems on the border of metallic ferromagnetism, namely, elemental Fe itself above 150 kbar. His research is expanding within the field of strongly correlated electron systems and in particular deals with exotic forms of magnetism and superconductivity in metals and oxides as well as Ferroelectric and Multferroic Materials and neutron scattering. He and co-workers discovered elevated temperature superconductivity in graphite intercalate C6Yb and C6Ca which has led to a major worldwide revival in the field of Carbon based superconductors. Recently, he has been Chair, organiser, advisory committee member and session-chair of a number of international conferences like the Gordon Conference, SCES series, AIRAPT, M2S, MSM and Quantum Complexities in Condensed Matter as well as Quantum Condensates Conference. He has delivered plenary, key-note and invited talks at more than 70 international conferences during the last six years. Dr Saxena has been awarded grants from the EPSRC (Graphite Intercalates and Magnetic Superconductivity), the Royal Society (Pressure Cell Development) and the European Science Foundation (COST-Network), KAIST (Korea Cambridge Collaboration) and Neutron and X-Ray time at sources in UK and abroad. He is a co-founder and co-director of CamCool Ltd. and Cantabrigia Advisors Ltd.



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