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QM to Host Workshop on Iron Pnictide Superconductors

QM held a mini-workshop on January 29th in Cambridge on the family of Iron Pnictide superconductors. The primary focus was to showcase the power of diverse techniques utilised in the creation, characterisation, and measurement of materials belonging to this exciting category of new high temperature superconductors. With the focus on various capabilities that can be used to study new materials, speakers were asked to broadly introduce their technique to a general audience, followed by an example of results yielded on the family of Iron Arsenide compounds. The local organizing committee consisted of Jack Gillett, Suchitra Sebastian, Mike Sutherland and Gil Lonzarich.

The workshop webpage has further details.

QM Paper in Nature reveals breakdown of Fermi Liquid physics

QM group members have published a paper in the Oct. 30 journal of Nature which provides a detailed picture of how the standard metallic state breaks down in the presence of soft magnetic fluctuations. The study, which involved measurements of charge and thermal transport in ZrZn2 involved Rob Smith, Michael Sutherland, Montu Saxena and Gil Lonzarich. A news and views article on the work places the results in context (access to Nature website required).

Workshop on Critical Fluctuations

The QM group will be jointly hosting a workshop on "Critical Fluctuations in Spin and Charge Systems" with the TCM group, to be held on the 13 and 14 of November. Complete details can be found on the conference website. Note the deadline for registration is Oct. 20.

Swee Goh elected Trinity JRF

Congratulations to Swee Goh who was elected to a Junior Research Fellowship at Trinity College. Swee will remain with the QM group, extending his research on quantum oscillations in correlated electron systems under high pressure.

1 New post-doc and 3 New students for QM

A warm welcome to our four newest QM members! Dr. James Storey has joined us from New Zealand to work on the measurements of the specific heat of superconductors with John Cooper and John Loram. Lina Klintberg is a new PhD student working with Mike Sutherland and Malte Grosche, and both Jordan Burgess and Edward Cavanna are working with John Cooper.

Prof. Sir Brian Pippard

QM is sad to announce the passing of longtime group member Prof. Sir Brian Pippard at the age of 88. Prof. Pippard pioneered the concept of non-locality in superconductors, and made important contributions to the development of the theory of metals. Prof. David Khmelnitskii will give a seminar on Wednesday, Oct. 07 celebrating Prof. Pippard's accomplishments.

Emeritus QM group member John Waldram has written a comprehensive obituary of Brian, which can be found on the university website.

Another detailed obituary written by Richard Eden, a Fellow of Clare Hall, can be found on the department's webpage. The Guardian newspaper also has an account of his life and work.

QM team publishes breakthrough paper in Nature

QM's Suchitra Sebastian and Gil Lonzarich recently published research on a class of materials known as 'high temperature superconductors' in the influential journal Nature. The work describes the behaviour of electrons in very pure samples of YBa2Cu3O6.51 in the world's highest magnetic fields, where they uncover evidence which might help understand the relationship between supercondutivity and magnetism. Press coverage of the study include a release from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory where the study was performed, and an article on Science Daily .

John Cooper promoted to Professor

Congratulations to quantum matter's John Cooper, who has been promoted to the rank of Professor of Physics!

Scientific Meeting Celebrated John Loram's 70th birthday

QM hosted a meeting on June 27 to celebrate the career of John Loram. Some of John's close colleagues and his first research student at the University of Sussex, gave 20-30 minute talks on their current research in superconductivity and low temperature physics. The list of participants included A. Carrington (Bristol), J.R. Cooper (Cambridge), P.J. Ford (Bath), N.E. Hussey (Bristol), W.Y. Liang (Cambridge), J.W. Loram (Cambridge), P. Monod (Paris), A. J. Schofield (Birmingham), J.L. Tallon (Victoria University, New Zealand) and T.E. Whall (Warwick).

Cambridge hosts meeting of the Portfolio Partnership

The EPSRC funded Portfolio Partnership in "Novel Quantum Order in Interacting Electron Metals" held it's annual meeting in Cambridge on June 26 2008. The portfolio partnership supports collaborative research on the collective properties of electrons in metals between scientists from St. Andrews, Bristol and Cambridge University.

MP visits QM

Labour MP for Luton North Kelvin Hopkins visited the Quantum Matter group in February to tour the labs and talk with students and postdocs about issues in science and science policy. His visit was part of the Royal Society MP-Scientist pairing scheme, in which he was paired with QM group member Michael Sutherland. Below are pictures of Stephen, Montu and Eoin explaining the subtleties of correlated electron physics to Mr. Hopkins.

One new staff member and six new students for QM

Quantum Matter is happy to welcome Dr. Malte Grosche, who joins our group as a Reader. Dr. Grosche comes to us from Royal Holloway, University of London and his research interests lie in quantum critical phenomena in novel metallic compounds.

We are also joined by a rather large group of new graduate students, Jack Gillet, Emily Russel, Lara Sibley, Oliver Welzel, Joanne Wensley and Paul Nahai Williamson. Welcome to all!

Stephen Rowley elected JRF at Emma

Congratulations to QM's Stephen Rowley, who has won a juniour research fellowship with Emmanuel College , Cambridge. Stephen will continue working within the group on investigations of quantum criticality in ferroelectric systems.

Suchitra wins your scientist award

Congratulations to QM's Suchitra Sebastian, who has won this year's Lee-Osheroff-Richardson prize. The award is sponsored by Oxford Intruments and is given annually to a young scientists conducting research employing low temperatures and/or high magnetic fields in North America. The award consists of a trophy and $8000 USD.

MSM07 Held in Uzbekistan

The 2007 conference on Magnetic and Superconducting Materials was held from the 25th - 30th September 2007, in Khiva, Uzbekistan at the Al Mamun Acadamey of Sciences. Jointly organized by members of Quantum Matter and the Uzbek Academy of Sciences, the meeting was an interdisciplinary forum for exchange on the latest experimental results and theoretical advances in Magnetism and Superconductivity. The conference brought together world recognized experts and younger researchers to stimulate discussions and push leading edge research and collaborations and explore some of the big challenges in the field. The MSM07 web page provides further details.

Anna Kusmartseva and Anne-Marie Cumberlidge defend their thesis

Quantum Matter has produced two more PhDs this year, Anna Kusmartseva has defended her thesis and is now working as a postdoc in Lausanne, Switzerland. She will continue to investigate correlated electron systems using her expertise in high pressure measurements. Anne-Marie Cumberlidge has accepted a position working on applied research in the defence industry.

Christos Panagopoulos awarded 2006 Euryi prize

QM group member Christos Panagopoulos has been awarded the 2006 European Young Investigator Award. This major prize is awarded to young researchers to set up their own laboratoroy in a European city. The value of the prize - 1,250,000 Euro, is comparable in size to the Nobel prize and is awarded based on research excellence and potential for the future. Conratulations to Christos, the latest award winner in what has proved to be a successful year for the group!

Robert Smith defends his thesis

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Robert Smith, who recently defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Emergent States of Matter in Metallic Systems". Robert will remain with the group for the next few years on a juniour research fellowship with St. Catherines college.

Gil Lonzarich awarded major UK physics prize

QM group member Prof. Gil Lonzarich has been awarded the prestigious Guthrie medal by the IOP. This major award recognizes both Gil's theoretical and experimental contributions to condensed matter physics, in particular his work on strongly correlated electron systems.

A separate award has also been given to QM alumni and long time collaborator Kurt Haselwimmer, founder of Cambridge Magnetic Refrigeration. Kurt will receive the 2007 Paterson medal for successfully establishing CMR as a leader in cryogenic technology. Both medals will be presented at a ceremony in London on January 18. Congratulations to both Gil and Kurt!

QM Curry night - Thursday Oct. 12

Please join us for a group social night on Thursday Oct. 12 at cafe Naz. The restaurant is located at 45/47 Castle Street, and we plan to meet at 7:30. To get there just follow Bridge street past Magdalene college, across Chesterton Lane, and up the hill.

5 new PhD students join group!

The QM group is expanding, with FIVE new PhD students joining in October. They are Mark Dean, who will be working with Montu, Chris Ko and James Fowler who will be working with Gil, David Thompsett who will be working with Christoph, and Eoin O'Farrell who will be working with Mike. Welcome all!

Grenoble scientist to visit QM group

Daniel Braithwaite, based at CEA Grenoble, will be a visitor in our group for Michaelmas term 2006. He has expertise in low temperature and high pressure measurements on superconductors such as PrOs4Sb12 and CeCoIn5. He will be working with Anne-Marie and Patricia on setting up Moissanite anvil cells for susceptibility measurements.

Meeting Announcement: EPSRC Superconductivity Winter School

The 2007 Superconductivity Winter School will be held at the Cavendish laboratory from Monday 8 - Friday 12 January 2007. The school is intended as an introduction to high and low temperature superconductivity for new research students in physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering, and others who may be interested.

More detail are available in the preliminary announcement (MS word doc), and in the application form (MS word doc).

Note that the deadline for applying is Monday November 20. Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Alicia Kelleher apk21 'at'

Peter Mann defends his thesis

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Peter Mann, who recently defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Electronic structure of layered transition metal oxides". Peter plans to spend a few months working in South Korea at Seoul National University before returning to the UK.

UCSD scientist to visit under Royal Society short visit program

UCSD physicist Johnpierre Paglione, a post-doc in Brian Maple's group, has been awarded a visiting scientist grant from the Royal Society. JP will visit the QM group over the summer and work with Christoph Bergemann, Swee Goh and Mike Sutherland on quantum oscillation measurements in the CeCoIn5 system.

Michael Sutherland Appointed to Royal Society Research Fellowship

Michael Sutherland has been appointed to one of the prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowships, starting October 2006. Congratulations! With Emma Pugh, Christos Panagopoulos, Christoph Bergemann, and Montu Saxena, the Quantum Matter group currently hosts four Royal Society Research Fellows and one EPSRC Advanced Fellow - a real powerhouse of emerging talent.

Cambridge hosts QCCM Conference

The QCCM conference on Quantum Complexities in Condensed Matter was held July 4th-7th 2006 in Cambridge. The meeting provided a forum for the discussion of forefront theoretical and experimental research on Quantum Phase Transitions, Low Dimensional Magnetism, Quantum Ferroelectrics, Thin Film Magnetism, Unconventional Superconductivity, Heavy Fermions, Organics, Correlated Oxides, and Bose-Einstein Condensates.

Montu Saxena, Stephen Rowley, Leszek Spalek and Noelia Marcano were the organizers, and the conference coincided with a special dinner at Trinity College to celebrate the career of Prof. Gil Lonzarich of the QM group.

Montu wins 2006 IUPAP Young Scientist Medal


Congratulations are in order for QM member Montu Saxena, who has been elected to receive the 2006 IUPAP Young Scientist Medal in the field of magnetism. Two of these are awarded every three years, one for experimental work, the other for theoretical/computational work. Montu's citation reads " for his pioneering discovery that the boundary of ferromagnetism in metals hosts a low-temperature superconducting phase, as exemplified by UGe2, where ferromagnetism and superconductivity coexist over a range of pressures, and for other stimulating contributions at the interface of magnetism and superconductivity. "

The award will be made at the forthcoming International Conference on Magnetism, to be held from 20th -25th August in Kyoto.

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